Glasses Chains by Frame Chain Glasses Chains by Frame Chain

Behind the Scenes at a FRAME CHAIN Shoot

Glasses Chains by Frame Chain Glasses Chains by Frame Chain

Now the world is slowly opening up again, we’ve been lucky enough to shoot some new images with our remote team out in Florida. Although we couldn’t get to the sunshine state ourselves, we got all of the FRAME CHAIN heaven updates and wanted to share some behind the scenes shots of how we style our shoots. Glasses chains at the ready? Let’s go.

Model - #nelisaalondra

Stylist - #brandonfogelstyle

Makeup artist - #madelinerouge

Photographer - #nathalia11


1. Location, Location, Location

Glasses Chains by Frame Chain

The venue plays a key part into the aesthetic of the shoot, we wanted to create a bright, 70s dreamscape to give us a boost of vitamin D.


2. Choose Your Fighter

Glasses Chains by Frame Chain

Deciding which FRAME CHAIN to match to which shades is the hardest part of the gig, we reckon. With chunky styles, delicate pearls and colourful chains in abundance, it’s all about giving each glasses chain the spotlight it deserves whilst complementing some epic frames.


3. Get Camera Ready

Glasses Chains by Frame Chain

Stand to attention, the Glam Squad has arrived. With pandemic friendly mask in place, it’s time to get our gorgeous model even more gorgeous and ready to rock some serious FRAME CHAINs.


4. Style It and Shoot It

Pearl Glasses Chains by Frame Chain

When the freshwater pearls and the 18kt gold plated chains look that good, you got to take some in-situ shots. Especially against crushed velted.


5. Last Minute Checks

Glasses Chain by Frame Chain

The FRAME CHAIN is in place, the fit is looking good and the MUA just needs her last check before the shoot starts.


6. Lights, Camera, FRAME CHAIN

Glasses Chains by Frame Chain

And the fun keeps rolling with different looks and styles; telling the FRAME CHAIN style story to show how you can take it from desk to disco or street to beach.


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