Our Commitment To Future Generations

When we started FRAME CHAIN, we were never sure where it would go. But now it's going, it's important to us that we do more than just make great products. We have always made charitable donations but we have decided to make it a little more official and share it with you, too. The single most important thing to us is that we leave the world in a better place than we found it.

There are the basics that we work with everyday:
The little logo protectors are all made from non-virgin plastics and can be recycled
Water efficient plating techniques
Working with small local factories and family businesses across the globe
Packaging designed to be kept
Shipping by sea whenever we can
We know that the path to sustainability is a tough one for a small business to achieve and we are committed to doing what we can to make sure we leave a positive impact on the world around us.

So whenever you buy a FRAME CHAIN, you are also part of this commitment to future generations.


Reducing Carbon

We offset our carbon as much as possible, Our two directors fully offset there carbon foot print and plant two trees in the UK every month with Ecologi and every time you buy a chain, we make an extra donation to plant another tree and support climate projects in your honour and to say thank you.


Inspire The Next Generation

One of our favourite things to do in glasses is to read. Without the books in our childhood, our imagination and curiosity would most likely not be as it is today and maybe FRAME CHAIN wouldn't exist. Every child should have the chance to have their imagination sparked, so every month we donate to the Book Trust. Right now, we sponsor two children and each year they will receive 6 book parcels on behalf of FRAME CHAIN.


Women For Women

As a female founded business we have learnt on the fly! Making it up as we go along sometimes, but always managing to find incredible people to support us to figure it out. Donating to Women for Women spreads that support to women in conflict zones. Each Sister takes part in a 12 month program to develop new skills and vocational training to rebuild and lead their communities out of devastation for a more independent future.