Frame Chain Festivities Frame Chain Festivities

Frame Chain Festivities

Frame Chain Festivities Frame Chain Festivities

What are you looking forward to most about this festive season?

Vanessa Harrington: Winter walks with friends; can't beat a cold but sunny winter's day, but most of all the cosying up on the sofa watching Christmas films with the family with blankets, snacks and lots of cuddles with my niece and nephew! Winter sunshine means sunnies and a frame chain. Chains for glasses are the perfect gift for anyone who has frames. Or reindeer ears.

Ann-Margret Kearney: Winter walks in the sunshine with my nearest and dearest. I love a good old jumper, scarf and my signature two Frame Chain glasses chains. I think playing around with length and textures helps me stay practical – my reading glasses are often on one of our shorter chains. Having my glasses  handy dangling as a necklace means I am handsfree to link arm in arm!

What is your go-to movie to watch?

VH: The Holiday. No matter how many times I've watched it, I still see new bits I missed! The gift that keeps on giving. I definitely think Kate Winslet should be wearing a pearly queen glasses necklace in the film – that would be a great glasses chain for a movie star vibe.

AMK: It's got to be Grease!!! I recently bought a pair of heels from Saint Laurent that is totally Sandra Dee. I will be dancing in those over this Festive Season. Also, inevitable really, but we love the fact that she wears glasses chains. Have a look at the fun collection to get inspired and get the Grease vibe!

Best tip for surviving?

VH: Dig your heels deep, and don't forget your Frame Chain so your glasses and sunglasses are always at hand and one less thing to think about. Practical fashion luxury glasses chains!

AMK: Try and keep some kind of routine – I have noticed that I have lost all of my routine when it comes to fitness since the lockdown, so I am really trying to gift myself a new routine for Christmas. Get out and move – we love this pic of Princess Diana out on the slopes with her glasses chain.  Even if you can’t afford the slopes, don your chains for sunglasses and go and enjoy the winter sun.

Best holiday hack?

VH: Do your Christmas shopping on Black Friday and, of course, buy everyone you know a Frame Chain glasses chain – half a joke, but people love them, we promise.

AMK: If there is any champagne left in bottles the morning after, when and if the bubbles go flat and you arse-gutted to waste it, make champagne palette cleansers – they are great in-between courses and really lift the mood. And, of course, just buy everyone a Frame Chain glasses necklace; they are perfect gifts for everyone.

What are you reading?

VH: The Candy House, by Jennifer Egan. It’s scarily relatable to our current environment.

AMK: Troy by Stephen Fry – I love the magic of Greek Mythology and how the lessons somehow seem as relevant today as ever before. I have also just started Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. I just finished Klara and the Sun and was gutted when it ended. I like to escape into other worlds; it brings me back to my reality and helps me draw parallels. And, of course – wearing my glasses and my chain on my glasses is the ultimate.

Favourite frames and Frame Chain for this party season?

VH: Definitely the disco chain for the festive bling and drop pearl for the elegant dinner party vibes. Glasses chains for every season. Other fashion accessories don’t stand a chance.

Disco in White Gold

AMK: Don’t make me choose! I do love layering up the chains with a good bit of suiting. Also, pearls and a polo. Or do like Tilly and make your glasses necklace part of your party look.

Pearly Queen in Yellow Gold