The Comeback of the Glasses Chain The Comeback of the Glasses Chain

The Comeback of the Glasses Chain

The Comeback of the Glasses Chain The Comeback of the Glasses Chain

The Comeback of the Glasses Chain

We think it might have finally happened: the glasses chain is no longer just reserved for grannies; it’s part of the fash pack’s official uniform. 

Chains for glasses were once the domain of the geriatric or your local neighbourhood librarian, but not anymore; it’s your new jewellery best friend. From gold glasses chains to chains dripping in fresh water pearls, you need look no further for a way to bring your facial jewellery bang up to date in a way that’s totally practical and super chic. 

We’ve rounded up our favourite spectacle chain wearers and chosen the FRAME CHAIN we think they’d rock today. Chains for glasses are here to stay so join the chain reaction and chain your frames. 

  1. Monica, 1998

Then: A beachy puka-shell glasses chain in the forever iconic video for ‘The Boy Is Mine’ - sorry, Brandy but we’re team Monica on this one. We can’t say no to a girl who knows her eyeglasses chains. 

Now: Hand strung, freshwater cultivated pearls, reminiscent of shell necklaces from our youth but now in grown-up Keshi Pearls, it’s our TEENAGE KICKS. 


  1. Olivia Newton John, 1978

Then: A colourful acetate sunglasses chain worn to frame the face; Sandy was always totally ahead of her time. 

Now: Our limited edition TUTTI in pink is the perfect pop of colour to bring your look bang up to date with a side order of fun. This enamel coated glasses chain comes in blue, too. 


  1. Will Smith, 1991

Then: The definition of a 90s glasses chain for men, sorry Will but we are not getting jiggy with this funky glasses chain. 


Now: Gone are the days of cord sunglasses chains, it’s all about our mate Matte. Looks like rope, acts like metal. Finally a rope glasses cord that behaves. 


  1. Salvador Dali, circa 1970s 

Then: The king of modern art keeping it surreal in his simple and chic glasses chain; no need to make a statement when you are the statement. 

Now: Our ALAN chain is sleek, sexy and super cool. An 18ct black rhodium plated chain in a micro curb style to give a deep rich tone that goes with anything. 


  1. Princess Diana, circa 1980s

Then: The perfect skiing accessory and a way to keep your sunglasses in check, Lady Di has always been a fan of glasses chains and is giving us sleek apres ski vibes

Now: CHIP is especially subtle and the little flat chips catch the light in the most elegant way. Taking it back old school style, Shorties are designed based on how we saw people wear their glasses chains.