One Chain - Multiple Possibilities One Chain - Multiple Possibilities

One Chain - Multiple Possibilities

One Chain - Multiple Possibilities One Chain - Multiple Possibilities

Back when we started out in 2014, we couldn’t have imagined the endless possibilities the humble glasses chain had. From adapting to help keep our masks where we need them through a global pandemic to shape shifting into something completely new with our necklace silhouettes, so we’ve decided to hop into a virtual time machine to chart the evolution of FRAME CHAIN and our beloved glasses chains. Hop in, keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle and let’s take a trip down memory lane. 



Glasses chains have been around for years. No seriously, hundreds of years. So when FRAME CHAIN launched, we wanted to bring glasses chains bang up to date, creating a range of styles that combined function, fashion and a whole lot of fun. We launched our first range of glasses and sunglasses chains with a classic slate of styles that we still stock today, including ROLLER CHAIN, SUBLIME, SLINKY and FULL FIGARO. 

Our glasses chains also hit the market with one detail that opened up a whole new range of style possibilities, the duo lobster clasps that turn each chain into a necklace. Wear them long or wrap them twice to fit like a choker. 



As glasses chains began to shed their granny chic reputation and become a style staple of the fash pack, we watched as FRAME CHAINs became a statement accessory, worn to frame the face. Freshwater pearls, chunky plated gold or real shells - the tactile and unique textures of our glasses chains created a new path for our silhouettes and we launched a range of chains that we called FRONT RUNNERS. Chains like PEARLY PRINCESS, SHELLIE COMPESTELLO and EYEFASH gave way to head turning fashion statements that were just the beginning of the glasses chain style revolution. 



As the world was hit by the pandemic, face masks entered our everyday survival kit and we watched our glasses chains morph into mask chains, keeping our face masks to hand when we needed them most. This unexpected hack was thanks to our unique lobster clasps, simply pop off the loops and attach to your face mask - boom, you’re good to go. The FRAME CHAINs that we think work best as mask chains include the chic (SLINKY), the solid (RON) and the simple (ALAN). 



When we started on our glasses chain adventure, we wanted to make sure that our chains were reflective of the times and that meant experimenting with shapes and styles that were both timeless and functional. First up, our phone chains: MINI and MAXSIE. We used the blueprint of our best selling glasses chains to create long and short chains that attach seamlessly to your phone case to keep your phone handy and just where you need it. 

Next up: our range of necklaces designed to hook your glasses onto, step in HOOKER. Our range of HOOKER glasses chains sit on the clavicle, resting perfectly as a super stylish necklace until you need somewhere to hang your glasses or your shades, et voila - the glasses chain that keeps evolving. 

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