Post Pandemic Styles Post Pandemic Styles

Post Pandemic Styles

Post Pandemic Styles Post Pandemic Styles

As the world begins to open up and we look forward to a summer that seems a little bit more normal, we’ve been spending some time daydreaming about the looks we’ll be serving when we get the chance. Check out our round up of the glasses chains we’re taking for a spin in the new normal.


If there’s one place we know that we need our FRAME CHAIN, it’s at a festival. Go hands free with your shades and get your disco on with some of our favourite festival-ready glasses chains that were made to sparkle. 

DOLLY: All the crystals, all the time. Our DOLLY is the glasses chain is designed to hang like earrings, adding disco ball realness to your face.

FRUIT SALAD: Practical fun gets fruity with our new FRUIT SALAD chain. Sadly not one of your five a day but certainly fun enough to add a spring in your step. 

LOVE N PEACE: We made this chain extra long to wrap around like a long scarf, reminiscent of a scene from Woodstock. Dotted with hearts and peace symbols, this glasses chain is perfect for hippie throwbacks in the sun. 

Date Night

Go from day to night with a swipe of a glasses chain that turns seamlessly into a chic necklace - et voila, the accessory that can take you from dinner to dancing (and right back to dawn - we promise we won’t tell). We’ve rounded up some of our favourite chains that look the business both as a glasses chain and a necklace. 

LUCKY: 18ct gold and adorned with reproduction vintage coins, this chain is lightweight and reminds us of endless days of teenage summers. 

CRYSTAL: Is it a glasses chain? Is it a necklace? It’s both and it’s here to take centre stage and sparkle through date night. Dress it up or dress it down, just pop your glasses through that loop to keep your glasses at arm’s reach whenever you need them. 

TEENAGE KICKS: Our best selling pearl collection, reminiscent of shell necklaces from our youth but now in grown up Keshi pearls, wraps around twice to be worn as a killer choker. 

Back to the Office

Whether you’re WFH or back IRL, treat your glasses to a glasses chain that’s perfect for the office (whether that’s real or virtual). We’ve rounded up our favourite chains that look chic as hell and super professional. Even if you’re lost in your inbox, you’ll always know where your glasses are. 

ROLLER CHAIN in RHODIUM: What goes with black? Everything, duh. Entwine yourself in one of our more unisex chains, finished in rhodium for a chic style that’s perfect for everyday. 

JACKIE, OH: Long, lean and oh so elegant, this chain is super wearable and the perfect addition to your work wardrobe - the perfect glasses chain for understated glamour and adding instant elevation to any outfit (sweatpants included).

CHAIN REACTION: A bit like a classic watch chain, this style is finished in white and yellow gold for the best of both worlds. Get in the middle of this chain reaction, perfect for the office or Zoom. 


If, like us, you’re dreaming of that gust of hot air when you step off the plane, you’re going to want to check out some of our chains that we think are perfect for the beach or the hotel bar. Plus remember that all of our chains can be doubled up as a mask chain - safe and chic. 

CANDY LACE: Glass beads hand strung in a longer length means you can slip off the silicone ends and get wrapping it around your wrists just like those days on the beach. 

SHELLIE CONCH: This glasses chain is a signature dose of FRAME CHAIN, fun and fashion in one. We dipped real shells in gold and then designed them to look like earrings so you have the perfect look for your holiday shellfie (sorry, we couldn’t resist). 

TRICOLOUR: What do you do when you can’t choose one finish? Choose all three, natch - it is the magic number, after all. This glasses chain combines rose gold, yellow gold and white gold that dance in the sunlight and create a perfect trio of chic-ness.